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At first we've developed and produced BusyKids house, but because we wanted to offer smaller and cheaper wooden toys, but still developed and inspired by Montessori pedagogy, BusyKids Box and an interactive Cube were born. Toddlers will enjoy them from the age of one, and thanks to various activities, they will be partners for several years. All our toys are handmade and meet CE safety standards for children from 1 year old.


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BusyKids Cube is small but completely self-sufficient. The cube, like any BusyKids toy, is an educational toy. Due to its size it fits into a travel bag or a backpack....

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Meet the new BusyKids busy board "Fox Cub".   Fascinating mazes, interesting gears, challenging locks and the adventures of the adorable little fox! All this awaits the...

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Hare cub greets you! With this busy board, nobody will be bored! Doors, gears, mazes, locks and a pocket for the most important secrets! Your child will not be left...

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We present to your attention the BusyKids busy board “Bear cub”   This cute bear will become your baby's best friend and favorite toy. With him, your child will learn to...

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It's not as big as the BusyKids house, but bigger than an interactive cube. In short, just right. And most importantly, it is a beautiful wooden toy for boys and girls that...

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