BusyKids Box Activity Board

It's not as big as the BusyKids house, but bigger than an interactive cube. In short, just right. And most importantly, it is a beautiful wooden toy for boys and girls that will not ventilate your budget so much, but children will learn a lot. And beware, it's a safe for children's treasures, so parents shouldn't look inside :)

Who will have fun with him? 
The BusyKids Box is certified for children from the age of one, so if you are thinking about a gift for your first birthday, you have just dropped the right one. And it doesn't matter if you have a daughter or a son, there are girly and boyish colors on theBusyKids Box.

What activities does it offer?
The roof consists of an insert with five simple shapes (square, circle, heart, asterisk and hexagon), on which four basic colors are used, which children can distinguish first. As we have already revealed, small caparts can hide toys and other "terribly important" things in theBusyKids Box, so one of the sides is a door with a plug improved by a flower mechanism, which is also the case with BusyKids. On the other sides of the woodenBusyKids Box there is a motorized labyrinth, a drawer with a switch, brightly colored gears and there are also activities tuned by Montessori pedagogy, thanks to which children learn to close and unzip regular and Velcro, press and plastic buckles with two types of fastening.

What will they learn during the game?
Most of the activities focus on the development of fine motor skills, but when playing with theBusyKids Box, little discoverers will also learn the basic shapes and colors.

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Brand: BusyKids
Category: Other BusyKids Activity Toys
Warranty: 2 years
Weight: 2.4 kg

The BusyKids Box helps with the development of fine motor skills and logical thinking. The maze has become harder. To open the door, you must not only slide the plug, but also unlock the "secret" locks in the correct order. Different types of buckles and zippers will teach your child to dress independently. Do not be fooled by the size of the BusyKids Box, it will meet all the needs of the child in development and play. And you can relax for a while during its struggle with a switch, socket or buckles.

Technical parameters:
Dimensions: 27 × 30 × 30 cm
Weight: 2 kg

The BusyKids Box is made of high-quality birch plywood. All varnishes used in the production are water-based and are therefore safe for small children. No screw belongs to the construction, all elements are riveted.

The product is certified for children from 1 year.

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