BusyKids House Natura Activity Board

Will teach, entertain and prepare for practical life. The BusyKids house activity board can do all this. Thanks to its wooden appearance, it is the most popular with our customers, it fits nicely into any interior. And don't worry, it can fit into a small apartment. It consists of 6 active boards.

For whom?
For toddlers and preschoolers, everyone will find something for themselves there. Thanks to its size, more children can play with it at the same time.

What is BusyKids House Activity Board?
It serves as a super stash and in addition has about 30 game elements on it. Take a closer look at them. Thanks to its multifunctionality, the house will replace a lot of other toys. And because it is made really honestly, it will last for future generations of children. In the end, you actually save space and money.

What will children learn?
Develops fine motor skills and logical thinking. It teaches concentration and patience. It supports children's imagination. A house like a doll's room or a car garage? Clearly. But also, for example, an oven or the right place to go hide with a potty. The children invented all this while testing the house.

CE Certified for children from 1 year old

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Brand: BusyKids
Category: BusyKids Houses
Warranty: 2 years
Weight: 7.2 kg

Educational complex will help to develop fine motor skills of your little child and promote creative and logical thinking. Each side is created to develop different skills of your baby.

The number of game elements is so great (21) that BusyKids House can replace a huge variety of toys, for a long time becoming the most beloved and useful one.

Your child can also climb inside the house, use it as a garage or a home for its favourite toys.

BusyKids House has a modular design of 6 full-sized busyboards that can be unfixed and placed on any horizontal surface.

Size: 40x40x60 cm
Weight: 7 kg

BusyKids House is made from high quality plywood.

All paints and varnishes used for painting are of the highest quality and only water-based, safe for children.

BusyKids House is absolutely safe for children. There are no self-tapping screws in it and all elements are held on rivets.

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