BusyKids Multifunctional Helper Tower 5-in-1

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Brand: BusyKids

Let us introduce our new 5-in-1 multifunctional Montessori kitchen helper. For the month of February only, it will be available on our e-shop for an introductory price. Delivery will take place at the beginning of March.

Do you like multifunctional toys? So do we. That's why we made a growing learning tower that has playful elements on the sides and can even be turned into a small table and chair. Thanks to the learning tower, your little one can cook with you, help in the workshop, or even stand at the sink and reach the toothbrush with toothpaste by themself. The learning tower develops independence and teaches, in a natural way, even the smallest ones how to be part of running the household (for example, setting the plates on the table when they’re on the top shelf).

Helpful for both toddlers and pre-schoolers

The sides are high enough and are complete with play elements, namely a ball tray, a black board, and wheels – both geared and hinged – under which pictures are hidden.

The tower is 29.5 inches (75 cm) tall, however, it was designed to grow – the platform height can be set at three different levels – so it can be used for the longest time possible. The side rails are sufficiently high and decorated with various large bubbles that children can use as handholds when climbing on or off.

The front and rear stoppers prevent potential falls. However, since we know children can often be here one moment and gone the next, it’s necessary for an adult to supervise them while on the tower.

Your child’s safe partner towards independence

The growing tower of learning is made using 0.47 in (12 mm) thick birch plywood, which is processed until smooth, featuring zero sharp corners. Larger children will be able to move the tower on their own, but there’s no need to worry: the product’s construction is stable and capable of supporting up to 198.4 lbs (90 kg). The surface is treated with a colourless, water-based varnish which is also scratch-resistant. And the tower’s natural appearance goes perfectly with any kind of interior.

Technical parameters:

Tower (not folding) dimensions: 29.5 x  15.55 x 15.35 in / 75 × 39.5 × 39 cm (height × width × depth).
Step dimensions: 14.57 x 3.94 in / 37 × 10 cm (width × depth).
Platform dimensions: 14.57 x 11.81 in / 37 × 30 cm (width × depth).
Platform height: 7.87, 11.81 or 15.35 in / 29 cm, 34 cm, or 39 cm (3 adjustable levels).
Height of the first step: 3.94 in / 17 cm, 22 cm (2 adjustable levels)
Material: 0.47 in (12 mm) thick Birch plywood.
Colour: Natural wood.
Weight: 11.24 lbs (5,1 kg).
Load bearing capacity: 198.4 lbs (90 kg).
Recommended age: 1 year and older.


The colour of the product in the photo may differ from the colour of the actual product due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor and individual settings.

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