The busy board « Hare cub »

Hare cub greets you!

With this busy board, nobody will be bored! Doors, gears, mazes, locks and a pocket for the most important secrets! Your child will not be left indifferent.

Size 66 cm * 65 cm

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Brand: BusyKids
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Category: Other BusyKids Activity Toys
Weight: 2 kg
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The development of fine motor skills plays an important role in the harmonious development of the child. It is worth mentioning that fine motor skills of the hands in general are directly related to speech development. This has been proven by scientific studies. According to their findings, fine finger movements have a positive impact on speech development. However, it is not only speech that is affected. Fine motor skills, and the regular practice of this exercise, improves visual memory, coordination of movements and develops imagination. In general terms, it develops the brain.


A busy board is an ideal tool for fine motor development. 


Playing with a busy board is useful for perseverance, attention, concentration. As well as the development of thinking, brain activity and fine motor skills of the hands. In addition, it will replace more than a dozen other toys.


Here are the new BusyKids products!


The new BusyKids "Cubs" series is designed to develop fine motor, analytical and logical thinking skills. 


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