Mint BusyKids Swing and double-sided board + kids chair set

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Brand: BusyKids
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Weight: 12 kg
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The BusyKids 5-in-1 wooden swing stimulates your child's active motor development, improves balance, strengthens muscles and offers several uses. It will become a favorite element of your living or children's room not only for play and fun but also for relaxation.

Turn the swing around and it is a crawler, sales counter or a hiding spot.

Dimensions: 85 × 44 × 40 cm.

Weight: 6 kg

Load capacity: 110 kg


The swing is transformed into an unusual climbing wall or slide thanks to the board.

The board is made of birch plywood covered with certified varnish for maximum smoothness of the surface, which eliminates the risk of splinters. Designed specifically for our interactive toys, it fits perfectly and guarantees safe play.

The board can also be transformed into a small table where your child can play and do arts and crafts.

Dimensions: 87*34,5 cm


Now also available with a chair! You can buy the swing 5-in-1 and the double-sided board with the kids chair.

Dimensions: 58*36*36cm

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